Infinite Freedom

We have an infinity of choices in life; but we’d prefer not to acknowledge this – the reason being that freedom and choice can create discomfort because it forces us to reach outside of our comfort zones to consider doing the things that we may fear or lack confidence in doing.

So, in many cases, we take the easier path, or narrow our perspectives, on what we are capable of accomplishing in order to avoid the dizzying heights of freedom.

In these cases, the trajectory of our lives fall may far short of what is possible when we yield to our fears or discouragement and fail to see the broad range of possibilities that exist in every circumstance.

It is better to take complete responsibility for our lives and to acknowledge that we, and only we, have the will and autonomy to carve out of our time on earth the type of lives that we most ardently desire.

We decide what kinds of lives to live, what to eat, who to associate with, the way that we treat our loved ones and ourselves,

We are on this earth together for a short while. 

It’s best to acknowledge our freedom in life to make good choices and to walk the paths of our choosing.

We honor those we love and the great opportunity of life by realizing our potential to live our lives to the very fullest.