Product Concepts

The product concepts that separate AspireLIFE™ from the rest include:

Multifunctional - Wide range of actives provide multiple functions

Simple - Multifunctionality simplifies skincare daily regimen

Quality - Highest quality ingredients for each function

Affordable - Price point: low end of mid-range

Safe - Naturally derived, botanical, herbal; No ingredients from Shitei-Seibun List

Science - We provide science, data, behind our products

Transparency - Product concept is clear and simple – all data available

Value - The inverse relationship between price and quality

Superb skin-feel - Quality moisturizers and superior formulations/recipes

Safe preservation system - Unique, proven, and safe anti-microbial systems

Dermal delivery system - Actives deliver to skin cell nucleus for efficacy

Exceptional stability - No product degradation at any temperature level

No make-up solution - Many consumers stop using make-up applications

Outdoor usage - Highly functional for extended outdoor usage

Easy to use - Day, night, cleanser

Fragrance-free - No chemical fragrance or harsh essential oils

Good for sensitive skin - Will not harm rosacea, dermatitis, or sensitive skin

Airless Pump Containers - Maintains quality, freshness of product