The Basics

A guide to AspireLife™

Skin Care Regimen

In the morning:

Wash face with 3-4 pumps of the Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Apply 2-3 pumps of the Complete Sunscreen after drying

In the evening:

Wash face with 3-4 pumps of the Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Apply 2 – 4 pumps of the Brightening Essence in gentle circling motions.

Apply 2-4 pumps of the Essential Essence

How To Use:

Gentle Foaming Cleanser

How To Use:

Complete Sunscreen

More Information

Skin is dynamic.  It changes on a regular basis based on internal and external factors.  Internal factors could be our diet, exercise levels, stress levels, illness, and so on; external factors could be excessive exposure to sun, living in or near a high pollution area, weather, skin care products, and so on.  It’s important for us to be aware of changes to our skin and to respond accordingly.

If your skin is feeling exceptionally dry, it could be wise to apply more of the Essential Essence to the skin for hydration. 

Or, if limited break-outs occur, redness, irritation, red splotches, that kind of thing, consider if changes in diet or health could be the culprit.  It’s also perfectly acceptable to let the skin rest, take a breather, and not apply any products for a day or two.

If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, AspireLIFE™ products are gentle enough to use.

If a severe rash develops, discontinue use of all skin care products and consult with a dermatologist.

AspireLIFE™ emphasizes a holistic approach to skin care that requires more than just skin care products to be effective.  We strongly emphasize and urge the following to maximize wellness and skin appearance:

  • Exercise
  • Good Diet
  • Stress Relief
  • Sun and Pollution Protection
  • Rest and Rejuvenation
  • Spiritual Development
  • Family and Community

It is essential to take good care of your body and mind in order to maximize your wellness and outer appearance.  The skin is the largest organ in your body.  It thrives with good exercise, good diet, proper sleep and rest, cutting down on excessive stress, and eliminating habits that are detrimental to good overall health and wellness, such as smoking, excessive alcohol, certain drugs, and excessive exposure to sun without protection.  A healthy body will help maintain a healthy complexion. When the body is abused or mistreated, it reflects on the skin and in our facial appearance.  Strive to stay well and look your best.

Sun exposure is the primary cause of most skin cancers.  Skin cancer is caused when UV radiation causes DNA damage, which initiates a string of activity that results in DNA mutations and a breakdown in the immune system.  It is absolutely essential that sunscreen be applied on a daily basis for protection and health.  Young people, too, are prone to skin cancer as melanoma is the most common cancer for those between 25 – 29.  Melanoma rates for women from age 15 – 39 have soared 50% since 1980. Children can get melanoma, too.  The percentages have been rising since 1982. 

There is an overabundance of skin care products available today that are unnecessary.  Most cosmetic companies produce too many products. Many of them have a limited number of active ingredients in them so they are not effective.    

At AspireLIFE™, it makes no sense for us to produce separate products for the eyes, wrinkles, pollution protection, moisturization, and so on in order to get people to buy more products.  It’s better to produce only the essential and exceptional products that moisturize and nourish the skin.  For day use, this is our Complete Sunscreen; for evening use, this is the Essential Essence.