The Basics

There are only 3 essential products you need to use on your face daily.  AspireLIFE’s

            Gentle Foaming Cleanser

            Complete Sunscreen

            The Essential Essence (Daily Anti-aging Moisturizer)

 It’s best to use as little on your skin as possible, and reduce the steps in the skin care process. The main purpose of this minimalist approach is to maintain, strengthen, and enhance the stratum corneum, to keep it clean, hydrated, and protected.  Most skin care companies want you to do the opposite: to use many products to maximize their profitability.  But, skin wellness and life itself is enhanced when using only the most essential products.  Simple is always better. 

During the day, it is essential to use AspireLIFE’s Complete Sunscreen.  It provides protection from high infared and low infared radiation, pollution protection, impedes the formation and development of hyperpigmentation and melanoma, moisturizing, and anti-aging benefits as well.  This is the one product that you should use everyday to protect you skin, moisturize it, and to prevent sun damage, skin cancer, and premature aging.

At night, use AspireLIFE’s Essential Essence to moisturize, replenish needed nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and so on, and to strengthen DNA and skin barrier structure.

Use the Gentle Foaming Cleanser to keep skin clean and remove make-up and loose debris.