Mayumi Fujio - Northern CA

Mayumi in Patogonia, Argentina

"I have very sensitive skin. For many years, I’ve suffered with eczema. My skin is subject to break-outs, irritation, and rash. In the past, many skin care products that contain harsh ingredients have hurt my skin and complexion. Therefore, there are not many skin care products that I’m comfortable using.

AspireLIFE skin care products are different. They do not harm or irritate my sensitive skin. When I apply the Essential Essence, it moisturizes and nourishes my skin with a soothing effect.

I went to the Canadian Rockies and I took AspireLIFE’s Complete Sunscreen with me. It is the only sunscreen that my skin can tolerate.

AspireLIFE creates high quality and affordable skin care products that work, that are safe, and not harmful…"

Mayumi Fujio, CA

Mayumi is a gifted woman in many ways: she works and devotes her life to conservationist and environmental causes, travels the world for cultural enrichment and expansion, teaches and organizes Argentine Tango events in the City, and loves people, the tango, hiking and forays into nature. Watch her tango at:

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Clyde Ross


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