A Different Approach To Skin Care

October 27, 2014


AspireLIFE’s Anti-Aging Moisturizing Essence

A Completely Different Approach to Skin Care


What is an Essence?

All of AspireLIFE’s functional products are an essence (1) which is a new type of skin care product that we developed that will:

Create a higher skin care industry standard for safety, quality, & effectiveness

Create a safe, honest, & effective skin care industry alternative that people can trust

Emphasize a holistic approach to skin care where nutrition and exercise are utilized

Change the existing skin care regimen paradigm to simplify skin care and life itself

            Empower all women to revel in their own unique beauty and physical expression

            Get people to buy less and live more

            Enhance the quality of people’s lives


An essence, an AspireLIFE essence, is a multifunctional all in one product that provides 1) superior hydration, 2) skin protection, and 3) complete nourishment that provides a full range of anti-aging skin benefit such as:

Acne prevention                                        Anti-inflammation and calming

Anti-wrinkle                                               Collagen building & protection

DNA repair & protection                            Environmental pollution protection

Natural lipid stimulation                             Rebuilding skin’s outer layer

Reduce & repairs age spots                      Restores suppleness & smoothness                               

Restores the skin’s immune system          Skin clarifying                                          

Slows the skin’s aging process                 Synergy w/ other anti-oxidants

Complete UV protection

AspireLIFE’s essences, specifically, our Essential Essence, Complete Sunscreen, and Brightening Essence, only uses a wide range (16 – 20) of the top of line, highest quality active ingredients that are proven. (We readily show all data.) Our Vitamin C, for instance, is the best quality C available on the planet: it is oil and water soluble, and suspended in a liposome encapsulation for stability and delivery.

Our essences are light, fast-absorbing, and water-based formulations that do not include petroleum or other kinds of highly refined oils that are prevalent in creams or lotions that can harm skin as they do not penetrate skin, can clog pores, and foment bacteria growth. The thicker, heavier ingredients in creams form a barrier on your skin, which lock active ingredients out.

Finally, our essences are completely safe. We do not use petrolatum, parabens, harsh preservatives, sulfates, mineral oil, fragrance, synthetic colors or dyes, butylene or propylene glycols, DEA, TEA, or bovine products. We do not do any animal testing. And, we don’t use a single ingredient from the most stringent list of skin irritants and potentially hazardous ingredients, which is produced by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Shitei Seibun List.

We also only use airless pump containers for all of our products, which keep the products safe from bacterial growth and helps maintain freshness and effectiveness. And, our preservative system, which took over 2 years to develop is completely safe and proven just as effective as phenoxylethanol at 1%.

AspireLIFE essences allows us to provide skin care products that are:           

            Completely safe



            Simplify the skin care regimen and life itself



  • The closest equivalent is the term “Biyo-eki” in Japan, which is a high quality serum.


What is the Difference Between an Essence and a Serum?

The biggest difference between a serum and an essence is in the specific purpose of what each formulation is designed to do. A serum is designed to do one specific thing, such as moisturize, or prevent wrinkles, or remove age spots. AspireLIFE’s essences are multifunctional and are designed to be one-product solutions that simplify the skin care regimen and life itself.

A serum, typically, as with an essence, also contains actives for deep penetration. However, a serum must be used with other products to achieve total skin care. For, example, a serum is usually applied before a moisturizer. AspireLIFE’s Essential Essence includes 6 different moisturizers and doesn’t require the use of any other product for complete skin care.

The essential idea of an AspireLIFE essence is that simplicity always works best.   And, simplicity is the ultimate beauty.

All of AspireLIFE’s products are essence type products, including the daytime Complete Sunscreen, the evening Essential Essence, and the Brightening Essence. 

Another critical distinction with all of AspireLIFE’s essence products is in that it uses only top of line, highest quality active ingredients.

And, finally, AspireLIFE’s products are priced to be affordable. Most serums are very expensive because of the high concentration of active ingredients in relation to the water composition. Despite the quality of AspireLIFE products, AspireLIFE is significantly more affordable as we buy and source all of our ingredients direct from manufacturers, we create all of our own unique essence formulations, and we target a profit margin that is significantly below the industry standards in order to allow for easier access of our products and protocols. We also have an Alternative Pricing Program for single mothers, students, or for those who need our products and protocols but can’t afford our standard pricing. 


Will a person see more results from an essence? And if so, why?

Yes, a person will see better results from using AspireLIFE’s essences over a serum. The reasons are provided below. An essence from AspireLIFE. 

Only utilizes top of line, highest quality ingredients.           

            Utilizes a wide range of active ingredients for full anti-aging nourishment

            All ingredients are proven and we provide data to verify it

            AspireLIFE formulations are synergistic where ingredients complement each other

            And, formulations are stable and provide, proven effective delivery

            AspireLIFE simplifies the skin care process and life itself

            AspireLIFE is affordable

            And, is completely safe

AspireLIFE is unique in the global skin care arena in that it wants people to buy less and live more, to live life holistically where good nutrition, exercise, stress-relief, hydration, and rest are important parts of daily living, to revel and be grateful in one’s own unique beauty and physical expression, and to embrace each day of living with appreciation, vigor, love, and growth.

My life can only achieve its fullest expression if I am making a positive difference in other people’s lives. This is the reason that I created AspireLIFE.


In Appreciation,





Clyde Ross


PO Box 3596

Carmel, California 93921


831-626-6835 – office

831-595-2227 – cell





“...when you are convinced that all the exits are blocked, either you take to believing in miracles or you stand still like the hummingbird. The miracle is that the honey is always there, right under your nose, only you were too busy searching elsewhere to realize it. The worst is not death but being blind, blind to the fact that everything about life is in the nature of the miraculous.”

Henry Miller


Quotes from Clyde Ross, the Founder and Creator of AspireLIFE:

Why I Established AspireLIFE

“I created AspireLIFE and my primary reason for being, the purpose in my life, is to improve the quality of other people’s lives. I strive to provide tangible benefits to the people I am serving that will improve their lives in a real and significant way. I live to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”


                                      Because being here is much

                                      and because all this that’s here

                                      so fleetingly

                                      seems to require us and

                                      strangely concerns us –

                                      us, the most fleeting of all                    Rainer Maria Rilke                       


What do we Really Stand for?

“In a recent study conducted in the US, only 2% of women surveyed believed that they are beautiful. Most skin care companies actually create this vulnerability by offering a standard for beauty that is neither attainable nor meaningful. What I believe is that each woman is beautiful in her own unique way and is empowered when expressing it authentically and simply. AspireLIFE products and protocols are designed to safely enhance one’s skin wellness and appearance to allow for powerful self-expression and to simplify the skin care regimen and life itself.”  


Other Quotes

“Simplicity is the ultimate beauty” 

“Buy less, live more”

“There is beauty in every smile”

“The greatest satisfaction in life is in being yourself" 


Brand Position Statement

AspireLIFE is an anti-aging skin care solution that maximizes natural skin beauty, skin wellness, and simplifies life. AspireLIFE uses only the safest and most effective ingredients that produce results you can see and feel. It will make a positive difference in your life. We guarantee it.

Our brand promise is twofold:

                                      Our products are safe and will not hurt you in any way

                                      Our products work as we describe and we guarantee it