Brightening Essence

AspireLIFE Brightening Essence

Our Multifunctional Brightening Essence is revolutionary in its approach to skin brightening.  Formulated to be effective; however does not contain any harsh bleaching agents used in many brightening products.

Our approach to skin whitening is to attack the problem at each step in the skin darkening process.  This is a multifunctional approach designed to prevent, inhibit, reverse, and eliminate hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) that will even out skin tone and improve skin appearance.

Our product is designed to:

· Inhibit melanogenesis -melanin synthesis & melanocyte multiplication

· Reduce tyrosinase activity, melanin production

· Inhibit melanin production in melanocytes

· Increase cell turnover to eliminate melanin in skin

· Inhibits release of alpha-MSH and endothelin

· Anti-oxidative action to transform oxidized melanin to lighter melanin

· Melanosome biogenesis and melanosome migration inside the dendrites for a global whitening strategy

· Hormonal and neuronal mediators for an anti-dark spots strategy

· Inhibit the expression of genes implicated in the number, size, and maturation of melanosomes

· Inhibit the expression of genes implicated in the migration of melanosomes towards keratinocytes

· Reduces the effect of pollution and UV rays in creating dark spots

· Decreases the dendricity of melanocytes by 10%

· Inhibits the synthesis of Substance P receptor at the surface of melanocytes

· Inhibits the release of melanin triggered by Substance P by 38%

[Available November 2019]