Skin is dynamic.  It changes on a regular basis based on internal and external factors.  Internal factors could be our diet, exercise levels, stress levels, illness, and so on; external factors could be excessive exposure to sun, living in or near a high pollution area, weather, skin care products, and so on.  It’s important for us to be aware of changes to our skin and to respond accordingly.

If your skin is feeling exceptionally dry, it could be wise to apply more of the Essential Essence to the skin for hydration. 

Or, if limited break-outs occur, redness, irritation, red splotches, that kind of thing, consider if changes in diet or health could be the culprit.  It’s also perfectly acceptable to let the skin rest, take a breather, and not apply any products for a day or two.

If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, AspireLIFE™ products are gentle enough to use and contain anti-inflammatories that may soothe skin irritation. 

If a severe rash develops, discontinue use of all skin care products and consult with a dermatologist.