Testimonial: Carlie M.

carlie m

"I've struggled with hormonal acne my entire adult life. I have tried everything from the drugstore shelves to prescriptions, to high-end medical-grade skin care products and facials that cost hundreds of dollars apiece. I'm a heart-hardened skeptic of skin care at this point, and I can honestly say NOTHING has calmed the inflammation in my skin and reduced acne like this product. I'm blown away. I'm telling all my friends. I marvel to my husband. I won't shut up about it. And it's $40?!!? Do you know how much money I've thrown at this problem over the last decade?!

I'd describe [Essential Essence] as silky. Not really a cream or lotion, more like a serum, and it lays well under makeup. I'd liken it to MBR's Modukine Serum (which is a cool $230 a pop). I've also noticed a difference in that my skin is more even -- fewer patches of oily here, dry there. My face feels considerably softer and less angry. It feels like my skin barrier is intact and healthy for the first time in a long time. I'm so grateful." - Carlie M.