Testimonial: Serena Wong

Over the course of ten years, AspireLIFE products have effectively worked against signs of aging for Serena.

serena wong before and after

"I just turned 72 and have been using AspireLIFE, The Essential Series, since 2014:  The cleanser is light, foams well and removes well what little makeup I wear.  The Complete Sunscreen feels silky on my skin with just a hint of a subtle pleasing scent that I actually consider fragrant free and use any time of the day.  The Essential Essence is my nighttime moisturizer that has a rich creamy texture.  The pump action from the dispenser controls the amount of cleanser, lotion dispensed without over dispensing.  I love how an application feels so light on my skin without feeling sticky". - Serena Wong, 2024
From 2014:

"It's been almost 2 months since I started using your products and I am beginning to notice some positive effects. 

It has been quite a challenge since the early 1990's when I became committed to natural/organic skincare to find really good natural products. Back then, the 2 brands I selected to use were Sunrider, a direct marketing company of herbal supplements for nutritional care & Miessence for skincare. I selected these brands because of the philosophy that postulated the body has it's own natural way of rejuvenation but environmental pollutants & over processed foods stimulated free radicals that advanced the aging process & interfered with the body's natural rejuvenation to a point where we all need supplements to reinforce our health regimen. However, over the years, these two brands became too profit oriented & expensive for me. Thankfully, the trend of natural/organic products was growing & I experimented with many different brands of skincare products over the last 24 years. Because of my commitment to natural skincare, I must say my complexion has always been clear, with few facial wrinkles. I think, though, that what I have been really searching for is a line of skincare products whereby the company shared a similar philosophy as mine about natural beauty & rejuvenation. I was excited when Terri shared your product line with me knowing how I felt that a product is only as good as the intention of the maker.

I believe that the mission statement for your product line focuses on that age old tradition of natural beauty & wellness. Continual daily use of your cleanser, Essential Essence & daytime sunscreen lotion have improved my skin tone promoting a natural silky sheen & feel on my face. While there is a hint of scent to these products, I consider them fragrant free.

The cleanser is very subtle, non abrasive. What little make-up I wear is removed with this cleanser. The cleanser foam lends itself to a nice gentle facial massage.

The Essential Essence has a light creamy texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin.The sunscreen lotion is light, not sticky to the touch & a very small amount is needed to cover my entire face and neck area. I do notice though that I must be reaching the end of the bottle because the lotion becomes a bit runnier in texture. But this does not affect the quality of the lotion's effectiveness.

I look forward to continuing my skincare regimen with your product line. Thank you for your outlook that balances the physicality of skincare development with the spirituality of wellness." - Serena Wong, 2014