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Skin Hydration Prevents Aging in the Skin

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One of the most important elements in keeping skin healthy and beautiful is moisture

nt. Without moisture in the skin, the outer skin barrier breaks down and cannot protect the skin from infection and damage. It is, therefore, important to hydrate the skin both from the inside-out and the outside-in.


There are Seven Major Causes of Skin Dryness:

Dry Air. Low humidity forces the skin to look for sources of hydration, which leads to dry skin patches. Dry air can, therefore, suck the moisture out of skin and cause skin damage and age markers

Sun Exposure. Sun exposure reduces skin moisture, which can break down collagen and elastin and cause the skin to become rough, dry, flaky, wrinkly, and red and uneven in skin tone.

Harsh Cleansing Products or Overwashing. Harsh cleaning products or overwashing can strip away natur

al skin oils and moisture the skin needs to stay healthy and beautiful. It’s always best to use a mild cleanser, without harmful surfactants (such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or alcohols, which will diminish skin hydration and health.

Environmental Pollution Exposure. Pollution is one of the main sources of skin damage because toxins in the air cause skin to dry and age prematurely, especially on the face, neck and hands. Free radicals can dry skin, deplete oxygen in skin cells, and decrease collagen production, which leads to wrinkles, fine lines and rough, dry patches.

Harmful Skin Care Ingredients. As hard as it is to believe, most skin care and cosmetic products contain ingredients that actually dry skin leaving it flaky and unattractive. Alphahydroxy acids (AHAs), glycolic and salicylic acids, retinol, alcohols and many other products can dry skin and cause skin damage and age markers.

Harmful Habit. There is no more harmful habit that dries and damages skin than smoking. Smoking causes wrinkles by narrowing blood vessels in your skin, which impairs blood flow to your skin and depletes oxygen and other nutrients.

The Aging Process. As we age our skin’s ability to retain moisture diminishes. As water in skin cells decline with age, skin becomes dryer, more susceptible to inflammation and free radicals which age skin. Inflammation and free radicals aid in reducing the skin’s ability to retain water.

Why AspireLIFE?

AspireLIFE’s Essential Essence uses the highest quality active ingredients to help moisturize skin from the outside-is and from the inside-out.

Some of our key ingredients that help in the hydration process is a “smart” Vitamin E that is natural and plant derived with extremely high purity, a rosemary extract that increases lipid production and hydration from the inside out and rebuilds the skin’s outer barrier, a pharmaceutical grade (a quality level that is higher than that designated for skin care products) Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) that functions to hydrate the skin, holding onto water and supporting all that makes the face plump and voluptuous.

We also use Watermelon Rind Extract (Citrulline), Pyrus Malus (Apple) Extract, and Lens Esculenta (Lentil) Fruit Extract to hydrate the skin. Watermelon rind is one of nature’s few materials to contain citrulline. Citrulline is essential to the functioning of filaggrin, which forms a critical part of the skin’s own water based moisturizing complex. The Lens Esculenta Extract contains Viatmin B5 and trisaccharides. The Apple Extract is a source of polysaccharides, sodium lactate, and sodium PCA.

Finally, we use a non-bovine Squalane that is a natural emollient without greasy feel, helps skin replaced lost oils, and increases skin respiration and prevents water loss.

Our key ingredients are the among the most tested moisturizers in the cosmetic industry. They work from within the skin and from the outside. They work immediately and work longer term.

Our Essential Essence also contains an ingredient, Wakame Extract, which helps to ward off the effects of environmental pollutions in the air. We use powerful, proven, and safe anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe and calm skin, prevent irritation, and reddening: Algae Extract, Mugwort Extract, Licorice Extract.

Finally, our product is completely safe. Not one ingredient is a potential irritant, even the ingredients in our preservative system.

With appreciation,


Clyde R Ross, Jr.



Carmel, California